Refining women to grow in holiness and virtue


Refining women to grow in holiness and virtue

In a society that distorts the role and value of women, it can be challenging to see ourselves through God’s eyes and find our worth in Him. Refine gives us the opportunity to form authentic friendships and solidarity as we grow in faith together and confront the challenges of living as authentic Catholic women.

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Why Join A Small Group?

Dallas has many Catholic young adult events, which is a great gift, but young adults still struggle to develop real, lasting, Christ-filled friendships. Refine Groups were developed to give young women the opportunity to form these relationships and commit to being a part of the parish community.

Refine groups meet twice a month, most groups gather on Monday evenings. Each Refine group has a leader and co-leader to help provide structure and guidance for the development of the group throughout the semester. We ask that you commit to a full semester of faithful attendance. We understand that the average life of a young adult can be filled to the brim which is why during Christmas and summer we offer periods of discernment where each member can choose to continue and commit for another semester or take a semester off. Interested in learning more? Contact Erin, our Refine Coordinator.

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Erin Horomanski
Women's Small Group Coordinator
Office: (972) 380-2100 ext. 171


Refine Groups meet twice a month, alternating weeks from Profess & Exalt.

If you are interested in joining a Refine Group beginning September 2019, please submit the information below by August 25th! Erin will be in contact with you!

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