Forging men into lifelong missionary disciples


Forging men into lifelong missionary disciples

Join in fellowship and study of scripture as we strengthen each other to live as holy men of God. Through forming habits of prayer and accountability, this ministry further reveals the call to a virtuous life in order to better serve as leaders of the Church.

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Why Join A Small Group?

Christianity can never be lived outside of community. We experience God's forging love through relationships with brothers who can understand us, push us, speak identity to us, and call us on to greater holiness. We believe that consistent, committed, and intentional friendships within small groups are the most powerful life transformational experiences that our ministry offers. That's why we take them seriously and ask that you enter into a period of discernment as you consider God's plan for you. If you want more information or are interested in joining, send us a message and let us help you find the right fit!

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Josh Schwartz
Men's Small Group Coordinator
Office: 972-380-2100 ext. 176